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Saturday 8 November - Remembrance Concert, St Paul's Church, Sandgate

Well done to everyone who took part in yesterday's concert.  Despite the terrible weather the church was packed with an appreciative audience - some being visibly moved during our performance.


This was a Remembrance Concert and Adrian's thoughtfully constructed programme of music and readings fitted the occasion perfectly in every way.  The soloists, harpist, organist and pianist also embellished the performance.  Thank you for all your hard work over the past three months in learning and mastering the pieces. Your determination shone through and the end result was evident to everybody.


As ever, thank you Adrian for all your hard work and effort on behalf of Cantores and for believing that we were capable of performing this challenging music and presenting such a memorable concert.  The end result was probably the most polished and cohesive concert that we have ever produced.


Saturday 6 July - Prom Concert, Lyminge Village Hall, Lyminge

Last night at the proms was a magnificent end to this term.  Well done everyone for all your hard work in rehearsing all 19 pieces of the programme - some more difficult than others.  Lots of comments received of "very accomplished performance, beautiful and very moving".  One lady had tears rolling down her cheeks when we sang Somewhere.  Another lady who said she definately wasn't going to sing anything ended up by singing Jerusalem at the top of her voice!


Val and Gerry Darnley's  well organised and efficient publicity campaign really paid off and it was, without a doubt, the best audience that I can ever remember at a Cantores concert.  I think that there were well over 100 people but I will let you know exact figures when they come through.


Adrian put another brilliant concert together and the pieces linked very well with each other as we moved through the programme.  He again did a magnificent job of directing, accompanying and including the audience.  There was a rousing finish to the evening with cries of "encore" and so we sang Green Broom again and I think that was the best we had ever sung it!


Friday 19 April - War Themed concert at Sibton Park, Lyminge

The War Themed concert at Sibton Park was another triumph.  We felt confident with our performance as this was a repeat of the Remembrance concert but we also sang a new piece written by Adrian, 'Sunset Lily' which was really poignant for the occasion.  It also lifts the spirits when performing to a larger audience and on this night the atmosphere was really buzzing.  Adrian did a magnificent job of directing, accompanying and revving up the audience all by himself!  The new manager was introduced to us at the end and said that she was looking forward to planning more events with us in the future.


Thursday 11 April - Joint concert with Mustard Seed Singers

It was good to be involved in a joint event with the Mustard Seed Singers and our concert with them at St Peter's church, Canterbury in April proved to be a success with enthusiastic feedback from both choirs and audience.  Mustard Seed donated £50 to Cantores Dominicae.  Please click on 'Thisiskent' button on this website for more detailed review of the concert



Saturday 16 March - Lent concert at Littlebourne Church

The programme for the Littlebourne concert was planned around Lent.  We drew on our repertoire including; three pieces from Handel's Messiah, O Magnum Mysterium and Beati Quorum via.  We were treated to Adrian's organ recitals of J.S. Bach and finally Matthew played a trumpet solo 'The Trumpet Shall Sound', by G.F. Handel.  The music was interspersed with readings of; The Crucifixion read by Rosemary Gould and The dream of the Rood read by Chris Lohan.  This all contributed to a thought provoking and moving concert which was enjoyed by both by audience and choir. We were a bit disappointed with turnout but apparently this was due to a Wales and England rugby match being televised!  Adrian summed up by saying that the we should always be "aiming for excellence, not perfection" and that the concert was indeed excellent and entered into with a supreme integrity.  


Saturday 19 January - Cantores Social


Our social in January, which was organised by Jan Galbraith, proved to be a huge success.  Members were treated to a delicious Chinese supper and a quiz at China China in Lyminge.